1. SONG of the DAY _ Renegade Princess ~ Sonic Youth - from “nyc ghosts & flowers” (2000)

    Jet black hair
    Tangled stare
    Blood inside
    Silent stare
    Naked heart
    Red light night
    Tangled heart
    Midnight hair
    Poor man’s bride
    Moonlight fight
    Crystal heart

    Make way for the midnight princess [x 4]
    Midnight princess fight tonight [x 4]
    Renegades fight for light [x 4]
    Naked stares in the midnight rain [x 4]
    Gonna fight for your blood tonight [x 4]
    Crystal heart’s gonna break you down [x 4]
    Tangled hearts in a midnight fight [x 4]
    Renegade princess fight [x 4]
    Fight [x 4]

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