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  1. SONG of the DAY _ Laura and Marty ~ Screaming Females - from “Castle Talk" (2010)

    When I want to feed
    But I don’t know why
    When I want to feel
    I’m not talking
    Or corner cropping
    Send pound for pound
    I’ll use my know-how

    Got a list of lips
    Twisted tongues and tips
    Fancier than church
    Instead, install
    Cold hands, hot heart
    Burning black cloud
    I’ll use my know-how

    Laura and Marty went to a party
    And they hard-lined
    I’ve no intention
    Not to mention
    That you hard-lined

    So you’ve lost your touch
    Limp and losing sleep
    If you don’t have fun
    Crowd turned panic
    Destroyed, damaged
    Born to a ghost town
    I’ll use my know-how

  2. "Laura And Marty" - Castle Talk - Screaming Females
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