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    Louise Brooks, Pandora’s Box

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  7. "Every Night and every Morn
    Some to Misery are born.
    Every Morn and every Night
    Some are born to Sweet Delight,
    Some are born to Endless Night."
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    MC5 at Grande Ballroom, Detroit November 10 1967

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    Howlin’ Wolf - Key Largo’s Chicago 1969

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    Two Women Sitting at a Bar by Picasso

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    Tree Trunks in the Grass - Vincent van Gogh


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  13. SUMMER of FUNK _ A Funky Space Reincarnation ~ Marvin Gaye - from “Here, my Dear" (1978)


    Light years ahead
    You and me gon be getting down
    On a space bed
    We gon get married in June
    We gon be getting down on the moon
    Light years, interplanetary funk
    is gonna get down
    Star Wars interplanetary funk
    Still getting down

    Music won’t have no race
    Only space, Peaceful space
    There is time what a trip
    Step inside my little ship
    I can tell by your way
    That you really wanna stay
    In space, funky space
    Peaceful space
    Terrible place

    Wait till I’ve been cool
    Hey baby, let’s get in the groove

    Girl you look like somebody I met a long time ago
    I know I haven’t met you though but
    Oooh you look like I haven’t known you for a thousand years
    God, just, mmm.. I don’t know what’s happening, y’know, but I
    I’m really empowered but every time I be checking you out y’know, my
    You give me some other reaction
    But it seems to me that the reason we together here
    is that we supposed to be together

    Come on baby let’s go peace loving
    And check out this new smoke
    No this thing I got
    It ain’t classified as dope
    Smoke I got from Venus
    Have had it all week
    It’s getting old
    Come on and try this new thing with me, baby
    It’s too cold

    Come on now, baby
    Let’s take off clean
    Get in this here machine
    And rocket rocket rocket rocket
    Hey little baby
    Let’s magnetise
    Magnet makes your love rise baby

    Ooh sugar, let’s get some more
    Why do I feel like I been with you before
    Shoot me good with the create gun
    Shoot the people and lots of fun
    Everybody created
    Time and lots of fun
    Let’s move the party over to Star One

    Alright everybody, we’re moving now to come in for a landing here in Pluto
    Now all of you who aren’t groovay
    Send you over to the Plutotarium to be Plutotized
    Know that that you dig that
    And the rest of the group, I know y’all gon’ have a ball
    But hey, little miss birdsong! Come here
    You follow me

    Come on baby come on down
    Razzmattazz and all that jazz
    Come on baby come on down
    Let’s razzmattazz and all that jazz
    Let’s plug ourselves in this machine in the ground
    Let’s touch each other and feel each other down
    Let’s razzmattazz and all that jazz
    Say, we need to say what we mean
    Plug our hearts into the, the real machine
    Let’s razzmattazz and all that jazz
    Let’s see if we play, babe
    Happiness around
    Let’s touch each other
    Let’s feel each other’s ass
    Let’s razzmattazz, all that jazz
    Let’s razzmattazz and all that jazz
    Says yeah
    Let’s razzmattazz and all that jazz
    Says yeah
    Let’s touch each other
    Let’s feel each other’s ass
    Let’s razzmattazz, all that jazz

    Well it’s been a fantastic trip, baby
    Y’all cut it out
    Get another load of funky four
    Funky four
    Everybody get your hands together
    We be right here on time
    You better count down, Zac
    You ready?

    One, fun
    Two, you
    Three, me
    Four, more
    Five, no jive
    Six, no tricks
    Seven, we in heaven
    Eight, everything is straight
    Nine, fine
    Ten, next week
    We’ll do it again

  14. 990000:

    The Twilight Zone - The After Hours (1960) - Season 2, episode 28a

    At the very end of this episode I was glad to find out that the casting wasn’t arbitrary. Don’t read any spoilers before watching. It’s available on Netflix streaming.